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Cognac Chunks / Smoked wood pieces


The Cook in Wood smoking chunks for even longer smoking times

Cook in Wood smoking chunks are sourced from old cognac barrels from the best European, French and American wine and spirit producers.

When the barrels are emptied, the flavour and aroma of the spirit is preserved in the oak.

The barrels are carefully selected and tested and then transformed into a unique smoking product that combines excellent quality with a unique taste.
Quantity: 1200 gr
Version: Cognac
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Shipping costs: CHF 9.90
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Soak the desired amount of aromatic wood in water for approx. 120-180 minutes. Then remove the water and fill the chunks into the smoke box.

Charcoal grill: Place the box directly on the embers,

Gas barbecue: Place the smoke box directly over the gas flame in the space provided

As soon as the smoking chunks start smoking, start the grilling process with your barbecue.